Loyola College

SHINE(Outreach Program)

Experiential learning is one of the many innovative educational strategies that the Jesuits employ around the world to give total human formation of mind, heart and body. Loyola College, Mettala is committed to serve neighbouring villages and their people through its students to give back to the society what they learn in classrooms. And outreach ProgrammeSHINE (STUDENTS HUMANE INVOLVEMENT IN NEIGHBOURHOOD EMPOWERMENT) facilitates mutual learning.

Outreach is called Service Learning. Students of our College are exposed to neighbourhood villages with twin objectives of learning and serving. SHINE help our students to understand Sociol-Economic-Cultural-Religious-Political environment in which they live and struggle. In the process of learning they also serve the society.

Through SHINE Our students visit neighbouring villages, meet the people, share their learning with them. They also take up activities such as awareness on health and Education, Environmental cleanliness, Capacitating or Training Youth and Women on Vocations Skills, Career guidance to children, assisting needy people to get social sector Govt. Schemes etc.


SHINE is a one credit compulsory extension programme for all the second year Under Graduation students, the programme was inaugurated on 13. 12. 2019 . First ever SHINE field visit was held on 15. 2. 2020 (Saturday) between 10 AM and 2.00 PM.

  • Department of BBA - Oilpatty
  • Department of BCA - Andikuttai
  • Department of CSC - Madha Kovil Theru (Moolapallipatti)
  • Department of Chemistry - Kuzhanthai Yesu Theru (Moolapallipatti)
  • Department of English - Ariyakoundampatti
  • Department of Mathematics - TG Pudhur
  • Department of Commerce - Urambu
  • Prior to field visit general orientation and its importance, conduct and discipline during the field visit was explained by Mr. Kannan Periyanayagam, Coordinator of SHINE. On that day he made a round trip to all 8 villages.
  • A prescribed format was given to all students and they were to furnish information related to their actual work done, experience gained, learning from the field visit etc, After the field visit all the teams arrived at college campus by 1.30 PM. Later at 2.00 PM all Buses departed to drop back students to their destinations. With this field visit came to an end.

On 19.2.2020 orientation programme was organised to all II year studentsfrom 1.35 to 3.30 PM. The purpose was to get feedback from students and to give orientation in order to further their service learning. Mr K.Das, Chairman,Child Welfare Committee Salem District was the chief guest for the above said function