The Loyola

Principal's Desk

Discovering and responding to the presence and action of God in the circumstances of everyday life is the vision of St. Ignatius, the founder of Jesuit order. To perpetuate his ideas, rather than simply produce volumes of cold print, he was led by temperament and by concrete exigencies to found a close-knit society of dedicated men who were committed to his methods and shared his goals. We the followers of St. Ignatius are indeed delighted to continue to actualize his vision in our mission to serve the poor and the marginalized sections of the society in Madurai Province.

A new venture has been initiated by Madurai Jesuit Province in 2015 to visualize the presence and action of God at Mettala in Namakkal District of Tamilnadu to provide quality higher education, to promote rural students to greater heights and to preserve the rights of socially backward and politically sidelined and economically poor rural folk in the region. Loyola College at Mettala is the first Christian religious institution in the diocese of Salem and it is looked high upon its success with its motto "Let Your Light Shine".

We always seek to imbue students with nutritive values such as courteousness, tolerance, affection, empathy, love, peace and understanding that transcend the necrophilic values such as fear, revenge, disgust, contempt, intolerance, arrogance, hate, competitiveness, pride, violation of harmony and corruption. We shape graduates to be leaders concerned about society and who can make the world a better place live in. We mould graduates to shine in darkness. We form graduates to be effective leaders, bridge-builders between cultures, communities, ideologies and interests. Ultimately, we want our graduates to be leaders in-service. The richness of Ignatian service is to follow is to serve, to be available is to serve, to believe and to trust is to serve, to accompany is to serve, to forgive and to be compassionate is to serve.

Let′s all create another India, which is void of hegemony, war, imperialism, and full of peaceful co-existence and compassion for all living beings. Indeed, it is our mission to strive higher, no matter how many goals we reach along the way. Let′s think, work and execute together to make our dream come true and be a radiant light to the world.