The Loyola

About Loyola College

Loyola College, Mettala, is a minority Catholic Co-Educational Institution, Affiliated to the Periyar University, Salem. It is one among the nine colleges, run by the Madurai province of the Society of Jesus.

All these institutions under the chairmanship of the provincial of the Jesuit Madurai Province, follow a common policy for admissions, appointments and administration.

As a minority Institution the college caters primarily to the formation of Catholic students. However, It keeps it′s portals open to any student without discrimination of caste and creed. The college Emblem with the motto "Let your light shine" brings lights of hope and liberation to others.

Our Dynamics

Knowledge empowerment for holistic social development.


1. Technology integrated educational process towards excellence and global competency.
2. Ensure equitable access to higher education for rural and poor in the service area aiming at National Development.
3. Facilitating vertical mobility in academic and employment avenues.


The primary aim of Loyola College – Mettala, is to provide university education in a Christian atmosphere to deserving students, especially those belonging to the catholic Christian community, poor and the marginalized sections of the society. Although this College is meant primarily for Catholics, it does admit students of other creeds. The College aims at training young men and women of quality to be leaders in all walks of life and to serve their fellowmen with justice, truth and love. It is expected that this training would play a vital role in bringing about the desired change for the betterment of the people of our country, more particularly the poor and the marginalized sections of society especially Dalits.


  • Moving from tradition to modern in teaching – Learning process. Promotion of experiential learning and enhancing curriculum–based knowledge and skills.
  • Offering skill-based optional add-on courses to augment employability.
  • Attending to the specific academic learning needs through professional guidance and counseling.
  • Exposure to external development opportunities through academic collaborations and linkages.